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Martial Arts is changing the NHL

Posted on: June 3, 2015

The popularity of MMA seems to only be gaining significantly more ground among the sports community and the result can be seen at most martial arts training facilities. The fact that so many professional athletes are including martial arts in their off season training has only helped to add to that popularity. The NHL has gotten in on the action and more and more players seem a little more eager to drop the gloves and show off their style on the ice. To find an example of this, one need not look any further than 6’4, 215 lb. Mike Sgroi.

Sgroi is responsible for some of the most spectacular fights in the NHL. His ability to utilize his martial arts training on the ice has resulted in some of the most devastating blows. A quick scan of some of his encounters in the rink, show that the technique he practices and teaches on the mat in the offseason has paid off. Although martial arts have definitely bolstered his fighting ability, this is just one aspect of what it has done for him.

Martial arts helps speed up the reflexes and balance that one may need on the Ice. An incredible amount of focus is needed on the ice as things tend to go by fast and if you aren’t in the moment, it could be the difference between victory and defeat. Strength and endurance training are again another huge component of what martial arts can add to the sport. Hours of practice are often devoted to building muscle memory. Not only does this help hasten a player’s reflexes, but it also helps them build strength and endurance.

There have been many different types of fighting techniques that have been taught in the world of hockey.  Many of them are incredibly successful on the ice, however they lack the overall experience that traditional martial arts teaches. Many NHL stars in past years have caught on to this concept and are making their way to their nearest martial arts center. The discipline, training and moral code of the martial arts world is slowly transforming the NHL.

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