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Karate, Columbia Mo Style

Posted on: February 9, 2015

east-01Columbia, Missouri is definitely one of the best places to live in America and while the Mizzou Tigers may be the talk of the town when it comes to sports, martial arts are what Columbians are really into. Given the friendly, community minded disposition of most of Columbia, it would make sense that so many people would be flocking to martial arts studios. The martial arts community is one that is founded on community building and unity between many different types of people. While most children are enamored by the idea of “doing karate” (as well as many adults), the benefits that are drawn from the practice are infinite.

Take for example the Tiny Tigers or the Karate for Kids classes that are taught at Hockman’s ATA. Often times the children enrolled in those classes have parents who themselves are enrolled in adult classes. The morals, values and discipline that is instilled in both child and parent often times helps form a timeless bond that transcends past the halls in which they train. What’s more, the community that has formed around martial arts sees itself as a family.  Given the parallels of values practiced in martial arts and values taught in Columbia, it’s no wonder the favorite past time for local citizens is slowly turning towards martial arts. It should be mentioned that while martial arts are definitely something that families are participating in here in Columbia, the local college students are not immune to the charm of the sport.

At least 10% of martial arts students are also students at the University of Missouri. You would think that the last thing that college students would want to do after spending the majority of their day going to classes is take another class, but then again this isn’t your average class. For many hard working students, the martial arts classes provide a fresh, fun break that helps them refocus their energies. While many college students around the country get caught up in too much partying with alcohol and drugs in the name of social interaction, martial arts provide a healthy alternative. The martial arts community affords college students the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in an environment that promotes health and well-being. For whatever personal reason Columbians have decided to choose martial-arts as a pastime, one thing is for certain, it is definitely the path many Columbians are choosing to spend their time.


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