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Why do Men and Women choose Hockman’s ATA Martial Arts?

There are many reasons for adults to become involved with the Martial Arts. We find that most of our adult students are looking for an activity to do with their kids or a personal workout program. Unlike a tread mill or dumbbells, our classes will keep calling you back.


Martial Artists are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world. Here are some of the benefits our workout program provides:

  • Muscular Development tones and builds muscle strength while improving your appearance.
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning strengthens your heart and lungs while increasing your energy level.
  • Flexibility reduces the chance of injury and keeps you feeling young and agile.

The Secret is Consistency…

What students often don’t expect is the tremendous stress release they receive from participating in class. You will also develop camaraderie with fellow students who will hold you accountable and keep you coming back. And of course, the confidence and self-esteem you will develop as you acquire world-class self-defense skills will overflow into all aspects of your life.


In addition to Hockman’s Traditional Taekwondo, we teach a very practical, real-world self-defense system based on the following components:

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing incorporates the most effective hand, knee, elbow and foot techniques designed for stand-up defense.
  • Joint Manipulation and Pressure Point Control Tactics allows you to control a situation by applying pressure to joints or striking or applying pressure to nerves in the body.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches you how to escape holds and grabs using techniques like throws and rolls. This is an excellent system for close quarters or if you are on the ground.
  • Israeli Martial Arts is the most practical system we have found. It’s very linear and direct with counter attacks to vital areas. We use this system to teach you to defend against the 9 most common attacks as reported by the F.B.I., including knife and gun defense.


Our flexible schedule offers classes during the day and in the evening. You will have the opportunity to train in all-age classes or adult-specific classes. The adult-specific classes allow us to train harder and focus more on real-world self-defense. The curriculum will challenge you. However, we realize everyone is an individual, and our focus is on self-improvement. Although you will notice a positive change after a short period of time, our ultimate goal is to help you achieve black belt and have continued success in Taekwondo and in everyday life. When given the opportunity to help you achieve this goal, we know we will give you an experience that will last a lifetime. You will leave our classes feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and anticipating the next one.

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